14-year old student raped by worker on Upper West Side


A part-time school worker has been accused of raping a 14-year old student from the school on Upper West Side. The 22-year old staff member, who worked at the after-school program, is under arrest after being accused of second-degree rape.

The NYPD is investigating the claims which were made by the student against Jamal Baughan, who is from Manhattan.

The student is reported to have visited Baughan’s home, where she said he kissed her, lay in bed with her and proceeded to rape her.

Baughan is employed by Roads to Success, the organization which carries out after-school programs in various boroughs of New York, including Manhattan.

The father of the student who has made the claims says that he had met Baughan previously and trusted him. He went on to say that he was “disgusted” after hearing about the allegations regarding the rape of his daughter.

Supposed to have lured the student into his home using the promise of a trip to the movies, the Department of Education is committed to ensuring a full investigation and that necessary actions are taken afterwards to prevent similar situations happening again.

Baughan has been removed from the Roads to Success program and all necessary agencies have been contacted in order to participate in the investigation. The organization has assured the agencies and the victim’s family that all precautions were taken before Baughan was accepted into the program, and various appropriate background checks had been undertaken.

The Department of Youth & Community Development is said to be disturbed by these recent allegations, and is seeking to work to enhance the well-being of the community, which includes both young students and older people alike.

Neither the student nor the family’s identity is being revealed at this time in order to protect the accuser who is underage.