4th Sighting of Coyote in Riverside Park


The local police have recently tweeted a photograph showing the latest sighting of the coyote in Riverside Park.

After several people got in touch to report sightings of the wild animal, the police embarked on a chase which lasted more than an hour long and ended in them capturing the coyote near Grant’s Tomb.

It was around 5am when the first caller rang to say there was a coyote on the loose. Since this was the fourth coyote sighting in just three months in the Manhattan area, police got to work straight away trying to get it away from the public.

In Norwood, police have discovered two coyote dens and one of the animals has been captured after attacking a local man.

Not only have people been attacked by coyotes in the area, but a dog was taken to the vet and needed 30 stitches after a recent attack involving both the canine and its owner.

The police have reported that it is becoming more common in recent months for coyotes to be found in residential and urban areas, but did not offer any explanation of why this may be. The Humane Society, however, have offered advice to local people who might be approached by coyotes in the future.

Residents are advised not to try and run away from the coyote, but rather try to scare it away from them. This should not include throwing things at the coyote itself, but instead the objects thrown should be targeted elsewhere. Loud noises can also help to deter the coyote and encourage it to move away and retreat elsewhere.

Anybody who sights a coyote in the area should contact police immediately in order to prevent harm to themselves or other residents in the area. It is not a cause for panic, but in the case of an aggressive coyote, police are obliged to take appropriate safety measures.