A dimming Quasar? Reason: Black Hole on Diet!


For the first time in history, scientists have observed a quasar losing its shine over some period of time. According to Yale researchers, they have been studying a quasar over the last couple of years, which has started to dim, and that is because of a black hole on diet.

Briefly about quasar, they are particularly brighter and energy filled objects in the universe. As the scientists have locked their focus on a particular quasar, they noticed the quasar losing its brightness and slimming down as well. Based on the previous quasar studies, they extract their energy from the objects that gets swallowed by black holes, which in many cases are bright and dim.

As per an astronomy professor at Yale, a lot of study has been performed on various kind of quasars, but this specific quasar has been somehow turned off. This further brings up the possibility whether quasars have a specific period of lifetime? Many scientists are of the opinion that the dimming of quasar has happened due to the fact that black hole has gone on a diet – sort of. Since it is taking less energy, its giving out less energy as well. As per the observation, the quasar has lost its brightness up to seven magnitudes over the period of last six years.


An excellent example given by Yale researchers is that its like a dimmer switch. The power source has gone dim. It is a wonderful achievement to find out the life span of a quasar. Though there is no data on it, this event would provide major results on the findings of a life span of a quasar.

Scientists have been studying quasars for last 50 years, but according to Yale University researcher Lamassa, its very fortunate for her since she has been studying black holes for almost a decade now.