About US

Our Rich History

Established in 1971, The Human Chronicle Network Dayton News is an independent publication that is run by highly knowledgeable people who are based locally. We are one of the most established publications, derived from an old college newspaper in the state. We publish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the academic year, and twice a week throughout the summer season.

The Human Chronicle Network Dayton News is now operated by the fresh graduates of the prestigious colleges and universities in the state. Our business division is likewise operated by students. We are one of the few state publications that are supported through advertising revenues, receiving funding from various organizations in the state and countrywide.

We earned our independence in 1980 and publish newsworthy articles and stories under the name
The Human Chronicle Network Dayton News pursuant to a licensing agreement. The move towards our independence was prompted by the termination of some college editors due to a controversial editorial. Hence, we decided to separate and create our own publication in order to continue our provision of newsworthy and objective news articles.
Board of Directors

Our board of directors is mainly composed of university alumni, former and current professors, and credible news media professionals. The board of directors, however, has no control or input over the editorial policies and newsroom operations.

Furthermore, a second external board takes responsibility for some overseas projects of the company, including the staff training and fundraising projects for the company’s growth. Hence, this external board constitutes mostly of local alumni but does not influence the editorial policies and content as well.

Our company’s alumni association is one of the most active associations statewide, holding regular reunions, meetings, and receptions across the state. The association also helps in establishing and molding world-class journalists in our organization. We have earned several awards on the regional level, and continue to strive harder to earn recognition on the national level. Thus, we ensure comprehensive and top-notch quality stories all the time.
Our Newspaper Web Site

Our newspaper website operates 24/7, delivering our readers with only the most accurate, factual, and timely stories statewide. We guarantee fresh news stories that matter to the community, keeping the public updated and well-informed about the “Who’s”, “What’s”, “Where’s”, “Why’s”, and “How’s” in the society.

We strive every single day to gather and deliver the timeliest stories we could, delivering only the most objective and most comprehensive news articles that impact the lives of community members because we acknowledge the importance of relevant events, activities, and reports.
Our Commitment

Our company’s commitment is nothing less than tireless dedication primarily focused on our valued readers. We promise to provide the community with nothing, but fresh, accurate, and relevant news stories that are both informative and entertaining. We also assure high-quality news articles with comprehensive content and stories that matter to the public.

Our commitment stays strong as we value of readers, providing can’t-miss events on the local perspective. We promise to lead the community through our must-read digital publication, containing a diverse range of fun and informative stories, including live events, marketing services, the food industry, and so much more!