California measles outbreak gone worst: 51 cases reported


According to analysts, this is the biggest measles outbreak in last 15 years, which actually started from Disneyland, California. In addition, more than 24 high school students have been suspended for being unable to present immunization proof.

It has been advised by California’s public health department to the people with no measles vaccination to avoid going to the Disneyland in California. However, Dr. Gil Chavez has mentioned that if you’ve been immunized for measles, its safe for you.

The measles outbreak in California appears to be highly contagious since more than 51 cases has been confirmed which is close to the double the number reported last week on Tuesday. It is believed that measles outbreaks usually gets abolished by keeping the sick one at home or hospitalize for few days till the recovery is done. However, in this case, since measles were completely extinguished in 2000, it has appeared again after 15 years. In many preschools, the measles vaccination has never been a priority, which has further resulted in lower measles vaccination rate which assists in virus to spread out.

The health care officials in California have also mentioned that due to the human contacts with an unknown community carrying measles virus, six measles cases have been discovered. Officials have also said that this outbreak is expected to further spread out to other parts of state.

According to another infectious disease specialist, Dr. Aaron has mentioned that in order to control measles outbreak, you have to make sure your kids are properly vaccinated for measles virus. He also added that kids should never be permitted to admit to school unless their vaccinations are properly completed. In the support of this feedback from Dr. Aaron, it has been reported that 82% of people who have been infected in this outbreak were never vaccinated for measles. There has been no word on how many Disneyland Park employees were vaccinated, however, 5 of them have been infected with measles.

Since this disease was eliminated in year 2000, there were still growing concerns regarding an unproven fact on measles vaccination. A number of parents believe that measles vaccination triggers autism symptoms in babies. This theory has been refused by a numerous scientific researches.

Brief information about measles symptoms: this disease targets the respiratory system, usually spread by measles virus and infected air as well. It usually starts with fever, running nose, sore throat and severe cough. Infants with 12 months or less of age are usually at higher risk, as they cannot be given this vaccination due to less age. In order to get vaccinated properly, one needs to have two doses of measles vaccination, which has been available in United States since 1989.

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