Come along and make music at New York’s free festival


New York is just one of the privileged cities which will be able to participate in the ‘Make Music Day’ festival.

The festival aims to celebrate music and the making of music all over the world, and what better way to do so than inviting residents and citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods to make music to their heart’s content.

The festival, which takes place every year in various parts of the world, will be in New York on June 21st, helping to welcome in the summer on the first day of the season.

Make Music Day is currently in its ninth year, and new cities to see the festival this year include Columbia and Seattle.

The music event is unique and doesn’t cater to one specific taste of music. There are a huge variety of performances, ranging from classical music to punk rock, which means there’s something to suit every individual and personality.

Roving piano performances can be seen from the back of pick-up trucks – a feature of the festival which is sponsored by famous piano manufacturing company Yamaha.

More than 120 countries are now participating in this event, and thousands of people worldwide are celebrating music in all its different forms.

Porches, plazas and local parks are just some of the venues which will see music being performed by many different people.

Everybody is encouraged to get involved, and with the warm weather well underway by the time mid-June comes around, there’s no better way to get some sunshine. You can spend some quality time with family and friends and participate in creating some brilliant entertainment for everybody to enjoy.

There are no charges for taking part in Make Music Day, which is one of the reasons why the event has been so popular since it started several years ago.