Contact information:
Call (888) 397-6181 to contact any staff member, or use the available e-mail link below.

Publisher’s Office:
Phone: (888) 397-6182
Fax: (888) 397-6180
Editorial Department
Phone: (888) 397-6187
Fax: (888) 397-6187

Sales & Marketing
Phone: (888) 397-6187
Fax: (888) 397-6350

Physical address:
The HCN Media Group Ohio
1131 S. Main St. Dayton, OH 41401
Phone: (888) 397-6355 , Fax: (888) 397-6351

General Manager
Perry Nardo —

Accounting/Business Offices
Accounting Manager : Croswell Bowen —
Jean Barnes —

Advertising Director:
Jack Anderson x33 é;
Creative Services Art Director:
Paul Y. Anderson x17 é;
Classified Advertising/Inside Sales Manager:
Hannah Arendt x36 é;

Website Editors & Publishing Authors
Brad Glenn:
Lou Smith:
Rick Armstrong:
Jackie McNabb:
Stephanie Warren:
Scott Miller:
KeShawn Creighton:
Deb Strickland:
Steve Vargo:

Classified Line Staff
Bonnie Vaonakis:
Barbara McFarland:
Sharon Sadlowski:

Inside Sales
Crystal Coffield:
Josephine Hughes:
Kelly Wurtzbacher:

Circulation Director: John Posluszny (x386):
Operations Manager: Dave Kahlbaugh (x357):
Sales Manager: Don Martin (x392):

Executive Editor: Mike Myer —
Managing Editor: John McCabe —
Design Editor: Phyllis Sigal —
News Editor: Joe Hauger —
Associate City Editor: Heather Ziegler —

Online Manager: Daniel Dorsch —

Shawn Rine (Sports Editor) –
Tony Viola –
Kyle Lutz –

Photo Desk

Reporters: Wheeling Office
Fred Connors (Police/Courts) —
Joselyn King (Education/Belmont County) —
Shelley Hanson (Health) —
Casey Junkins (Business/Energy) —
Jim Cochran —
Drew Parker —
Alan Olson —