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Harness the Power of Solar Energy to Augment Desalination!


A scholar from Aston University has come up with a novel way of achieving desalination using solar energy which in a way could serve to neutralize ocean acidity as well as cut down environmental damage. Dr Philip Davies has come up with a new system that uses solar energy,wherein plants responsible for desalination no longer act as a source of CO2 but assist in the neutralization of ocean acidity.Additionally, the scholar has also applauded the slew of new technologies like better membranes for processes like electrodialysis and membrane distillation that could make the desalination process easier.

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How does Dr. Davies’ model work?

According to Dr. Davies, his model works by hydrolyzing magnesium chloride, found in abundance in salt water waste using energy produced by heliostat fields. The energy thus produced then transforms the magnesium chloride into magnesium oxide, which is then released into the ocean. Because of its alkaline nature, the matter then acts as a neutralizer and reduces acidity levels in the ocean. Additionally, it also causes the removal of carbon dioxide by producing bicarbonate from magnesium oxide.

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Dr. Davies requires less energy use and reduces CO2 emissions

Commenting on the benefits that his new system offers, Dr. Davies says that by cutting down the energy amount that is needed to “dewater brine prior to decomposition would be a major environmental benefit.” His approach allows him to putrefymagnesium chloride using fewer amounts of energy and in a way “makes the use of solar energy potentially very attractive.” Explaining further he says, “If we could find better ways to dewater the brine this would become very energy efficient as a means of avoiding carbon dioxide.”Despite the need for higher energy requirement, his process enables a 0.4% of CO2 emissions getting absorbed.


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