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Norway Pledges 40% Cut in Greenhouse Gases by 2030 as Part of Its Climate Goals!


On Wednesday, the Norway government announced that it was going to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.  In line with the objectives set by the EU, the European nation hopes to meets its mark by 2030. Additionally, the 40% reduction, according to the Norwegian government, is going to be the country’s pledge to the United Nations’ climate agreement. The agreement is expected to be adopted by the end of this year, officials from the government revealed.


EU, USA and China are ready with their pledges as well!

Regarding the thoughts of the climate change scientific panel of the United Nations, the panel declared last year that greenhouse gas productions need to be reduced by 40-70 percent by 2050 to avoid raising levels of global warming to dangerous proportions. Apart from Norway, other stakeholders of the agreement – the EU, USA and China have already presented their undertakings for the new climate deal. But these entities are yet to submit a formal declaration to the Submissions division of the United Nations, and the deadline for submissions ends in March. Nevertheless, many countries have called for the deadline to be extended.

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Norway to not follow UN’s offsets suggestions but to stick to EU’s emissions plan

Besides the emission pledge, officials also made known that although the country will continue to support and participate in the European Union’s emissions trading setup, it will not follow the offsets offered by the United Nations to developing countries to achieve its climate objectives. The latest move deviates from their past stance,in which the government had previously depended on offsets to achieve its climate targets. In the meantime, the government expects the country’s Parliament to approve its climate plan since many of the parties support the latest move.


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