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UN Negotiators Get Down to the Business of Trimming the Climate Pact Draft!


On Sunday, negotiations once again resumed among UN negotiators to simplify the climate pact draft that several nations are expected to sign by the end of this year in Paris. The meeting lasting for six days from February 8-13, is the first among a series of special meetings that have been included into this year’s plan of climate talks that will end with a historic deal signing in Paris.

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Negotiators to prepare a workable climate pact that include every party’s needs

Describing the Geneva negotiations to be at a “critical stage”, Maesela Kekana the negotiator for South Africa says, “This will be the last opportunity to refine the elements that will inform the negotiation text.” The thirty-seven pages long climate agreement includes clauses and options that reflect not only the conflicting interests of countries but also demands. The goal of the negotiators is therefore to turn the complicated draft into a simple and workable one so that it could be adopted on Friday as the main “negotiating text” based on which the entire process is expected to be guided all through the end of the year.

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Climate pact to come into effect in 2020, carbon emission pledges to be made by countries

The climate agreement will come into effect in 2020 and is part of the UN goal to restrict temperature rise to two degrees Celsius, levels prevalent during the pre-Industrial Revolution days. For this reason, every country is expected to submit carbon emission cut pledges in the coming months before the final Paris meeting. “We’re hoping that governments will be able to work with each other for a more manageable text. That is never a guarantee,” said Christiana Figueres, the United Nations climate chief when asked about the outcome of the negotiations.









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