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Cesar Diaz
Bio: Founder and CEO of Stocks Org, Cesar has been hands on since the beginning days. Having helped consumers gain easy access to difficult-to-consume information though previous ventures such as and, his keen sense of business and talent brings honest, unbiased information to the table. With his direction and leadership, he will be able to help Stocks Org reach millions of investors looking to follow updates on thousands of companies across the nation and world.

Hanson So
Bio: Since the age of 13, Hanson has successfully traded many companies and equities based on fundamental and technical analysis. Using the profits from trading, Hanson bankrolled his profits into launching numerous ventures to help make consumer’s lives easier. His first major venture included building a music search engine algorithmn for teen consumers across the country before Youtube gained traction. At the age of 16, he sold his internet venture to focus on building, a stock forecasting and news sentiment algorithmn. His combined years of experience brings him to today where he seeks to disseminate investing information to the public in an accurate and timely manner.

Associate Editor
David McIntire
Bio: McIntire has written numerous articles for many industries ranging from energy to pharmaceutical. David is always on the forefront of new developments. Armed with a Finance degree from the University of Connecticutt, David understands markets and economics. David made his break covering many popular IPO high flyer stocks from Google to Facebook.

Staff Writer
Michael Mejia
Bio: Michael is a conversationalist at heart. With each article he writes, he digs deeper into the psychology of the people involved. He believes this is the best way to bring out companies to the minds of the people. When other people report facts, he involves emotions, and captures the true essence of a discussion. Michael Mejia has a wide following with many investors being introduced to stock trading through his works.

Staff Writer
Josephine Cameron
Bio: Josephine is an expert on acquisition, having worked in private and equity on Wall Street. Her experience there allows her to explore deeper into merger arbitrage situations and help provide advisory on transactions occurring in the markets. Through her knowledge and expertise, she has discovered many times, her deep analysis helps many people discover unspoken facts. With her keen insight, many people often follow her news stories, enthralled by her wisdom and courage to explore difficult questions that often unlock a lot of knowledge.

Staff Writer
Tina Dunne
Bio: Tina enjoys writing about big Tech like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, Facebook and their technological developments. From time to time whenever she has free time, Tina enjoys doing research into new rising tech companies and big cloud. Her experience in her research keeps her aware of the markets at all times. She brings great enjoyment to readers across the nation following these big stocks.

Staff Writer
Annette Barnett
Bio: Annette is a financial expert making a break through with her bull call on Bank of America during the Buffet investment. Her knowledge of how bank works allows her to be an expert on any financial topic related to money and banking. Usually banks have many assets, and few developments, but Annnette sharp eye for hidden opportunities, allows her to report on these details to the public. Pouring over countless sec filings over the years, Annette is good at helping many discover weaknesses in a bank, often advising for many companies during her spare time.