Eight fire departments respond to Avon house fire


A fire started in a house on Litteville Road in the town of Avon on Monday morning. The emergency services received a call at around 2:30am on April 27th. After reports of the fire at 4725 Littleville Road, Avon, it was discovered that a mobile home had been caught on fire.

Police have reported that this is not a case of criminal activity. It is a ceiling light which is thought to be the suspect in this case.

The fire, which had grown more serious by the time the emergency services responded, needed a total of eight different fire department to extinguish it.

Those inside the mobile home managed to get out of the unit without enduring any harm. No injuries were reported to any of the residents or any of the local people nearby.

A ceiling light in a bedroom had been the cause of the fire. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office stated that during the early hours of the morning, the light must have been faulty and therefore started the blaze.

Among the fire department to respond to the emergency were Caledonia, Livonia and Lima. Rush, Lakeville, Avon, East Avon and Geneseo also came to the scene to put out the flames completely.

The fire department were not the only emergency services at the scene, however. The Avon Ambulance department arrived to assist anybody who may have been injured during the fire, and procedural checks were carried out on the residents. Caledonia ALS. Livingston County Fire Coordinators investigated the fire, and were joined by Deputy Williams, Sergeant Orman and others from the forensics unit and Sheriff’s Office.

In order to provide help to those who were in the mobile home at the time of the fire, the American Red Cross was brought in. Deputy Sweeting stated that the community police will stay in touch with the residents to make sure that any help they need is available.