Experts Try to Revive Sunday Dinner Mealtimes Among Families


Charlene Perrone and Joel Green are on a current mission to visit more families, sharing and sitting down on Sunday dinners with their senior loved ones. A new research indicates that 50%  of surveyed families who are living close to their senior relatives feel that they do not share enough meals with their older family members, hence, losing a very important connection.

Perrone said for seniors, the food on their plates does not matter, but it is who is seated at the table with them. Perrone is the co-owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care office. She explained that when older people share meals with a companion, the seniors have better mealtime experience, both emotionally and nutritionally. The same is true, however, when younger kids are involved, thriving to keep the close-knit relations among family members, from the young to the old.

About 75% of the surveyed participants said they only sit down with senior family members and share meals with them during holidays, events, and other special occasions. Time plays a big part, they said, explaining that schedules are often conflicting and both parties do not have enough time for it.

The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation will be donating one dollar to Meals on Wheels, which will total to $20,000 through the end of July, in an effort to encourage families and individuals to make time for shared meals with their senior loved ones. The donation will be applied to every person who can commit to a regularly scheduling family dinner through the Sunday Dinner Pledge’s website.

Committing to having sit-down dinners with loved ones will certainly help in ensuring other seniors to have quality meal times, including friendly visits, and safety checks through the Meals on Wheels delivery programs across the country.

Green is strongly hoping that families will make the pledge, either to begin or revive meal time traditions with their older relatives. It is only a small commitment, he said, but could have a significant impact on the wellbeing of a senior.

The foundation has partnered with a famous chef and mother in developing easy and nutritious recipes, allowing them to host their Sunday dinners more effectively. Additional resources also include tips on how to engage or involve the senior members in meal planning, preparations, pre-dinner and post-dinner activities. Another relevant issue to be discussed also includes planning for healthy and inexpensive meals that all generations could certainly enjoy.

According to the SundayDinnerPledge, these resources are free, including other information on how individuals and families can bring back the conventional Sunday dinner time in order to reconnect and revive the relations with senior loved ones. Hence, the foundation has likewise urged families to visit their website so as to learn more information.

The Home Instead, Inc. conducted this recent survey, while completing other surveys with random samples of thousands of households countrywide, and in another country from February 10 to 15 of this year. The participants were 50% male and 50% female with 900 households in the country, while the other 100 in a neighboring country.

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