First beer-tasting fest creates buzz in New York


The recent beer-tasting festival which took place in New York has been a thrilling experience, not only for the drinkers of the popular alcoholic beverage, but also for the brewers.

Craft beer is loved by the local people in the neighborhood, with its taste being one which can be told apart from the run-of-the-mill store beers which crowd the supermarket shelves.

Even those who weren’t too keen on beer didn’t hesitant to try out some of the locally-crafted drinks, with Dana Luety commenting on how she enjoyed the lighter beers which were on offer.

The New York Farm Brewery legislation, which was passed a few years ago, has seen an increase in the number of craft brewers in New York. Since 2012, the numbers have gone up by more than double, and the production of craft beer went up by a whopping 54% between the years 2011 and 2013.

The festival was held in Farmington and was proudly hosted by Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack. There were a huge variety of different drinks available, and the workers were able to provide a beer for almost everyone who attended.

Apart from being able to create festivals like this one, which gave local people three hours of beer-tasting luxury, the craft beer industry has generated a large amount of revenue for the economy. With more than $2.9 billion of revenue in the state, this industry has created over 11,000 jobs, including those in related industries.

Events such as this one only succeed in helping to promote the industry, since people who have never tried craft beers are able to savor the taste for the first time. Promotional events have managed to contribute to the increase in the purchase of craft beers, and small local businesses and larger companies alike hope that the interest in these drinks will continue to grow with time.