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Bill Gates Reddit AMA: We Should Fear Super Intelligence


We got a chance to cover “The legendary” Bill Gates heart to heart talk. The man who besides from founding Microsoft, is also known as an all-around smart guy who has always been there contributing his maximum to save the world. It would surely be worth considering when he happens to share his personal fears and opinions. Bill Gates mentioned in a “ Reditt Ask Me Anything “session that the artificial intelligence could cause a threat to humanity like brainiac Stephen Hawking and Tesla Motors founder / Iron Man .


Adding up here he further mentioned that he totally agrees with concerns expressed by Hawking Musk that enlighten us on the fact that the artificial super intelligence just like that in Matrix and Terminator should not be taken non seriously. A time will come when these robots would actually become mechanical helpers and will start doing chores like picking fruit or moving a patient inside a hospital. As well as speech knowledge and translation will advance significantly.

While revealing his weaknesses, Bill Gates added that something really makes him feel inferior about himself . Not speaking or knowing any foreign language always undermined him. Although he studied Latin and Greek back in high school did excellently good in them but still never really learned the actual language like French, Chinese and Arabic. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, had always inspired Gates. Zuckerberg’s aptitude of learning Mandarin to such a level that he could actually involve himself in a Q&A session with Chinese students was the best part about him he added.


The solution he gave of not letting these machines overrule humans was to manage them in a way that doesn’t endow them with so much of cleverness, while still being supportive in various fields. He was really surprised to mention that how people are just not taking this issue as serious as it should be taken.


In the end while summing up Gates discussed that to really identify the potential threat that can be caused by the robots and which Musk and Gates are talking about. He strongly recommends reading Nick Bostrom’s recent book, “Super intelligence,” which covers out the complete non-natural super intelligence scenery . Lastly he stated that a time will come when this advanced intelligence will conflict with the goals of the human system…

Let’s see how far this turn true.

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