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California to apply strict laws on use of e-cigarette


Health officials from state of California are planning to address strict laws against the use of E-cigarettes as they have been declared hazardous. The use of e-cigarettes between the ages of 18 and 30 has been grown up to 3 times between from year 2012 to 2013.

Health officials has stated that California has been working on the use and control of tobacco for few decades now, and whatever progress that has been achieved so far will be wiped away with the rapid growing use of e-cigarettes. In addition, the California health officials also mentioned that e-cigarette smoke may cause cancer due to the presence of chemical material inside it and may also attract its user to nicotine addiction. However, e-cigarette makers state that their product is far safer than a normal cigarette.


Not much detail was provided about the particulars of the campaign; however, health officials are going extra to make sure everyone is aware of e-cigarette’s bad side. California health department also released an advisor asking healthcare providers to adequately educate patients and public regarding the adverse effects of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that mostly appear like a normal cigarette, usually work by heating and inhaling a liquid which may contain nicotine. The vapor that user inhales does not contain some harmful chemicals that are usually present in a normal cigarette.


There is a huge debate on the fact whether e-cigarette is a good source to quit smoking or it hooks the user on to nicotine addiction, which further reveals them to different set of toxic chemicals. It has also been observed that California’s conclusive report mentions that there is no scientific proof that e-cigarettes help a smoker in quitting smoking successfully or even reduce its usage.

The nicotine usage during teenage harms the brain development. Whatever gets inhaled from e-cigarettes including its smoke carry ten different kinds of chemicals linked with cancer and brain development issue. E-cigarette makers usually make it tempting for kids by introducing different flavors of liquid used in e-cigarette such as chocolate, gummy bear or bubble gum. According to the report, the poisoning incidents of younger children have increased from seven to 154 in 2014.


Other than California, three additional states have passed the law to consider e-cigarette as a tobacco product, which can only be sold to a specific age group. California has also banned e-cigarette sale to minors.


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