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Hay fever pills could raise risk of Alzheimer’s


The title would come as quite a shock to you folks, but this is what the latest research says. Scientists at the University of Washington say pensioners taking over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl and Nytol should tell the doctors and quit taking medication if it is not desirable as soon as possible. A study has shown that over-the counter hay fever tables, sleeping pills or asthma drugs considerably elevate the hazard of emerging dementia. To your surprise taking a daily dosage of medicines like Piriton, Benadryl and Nytol for consistent three years can be a cause of increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease in more than 60 percent.


There is a special name used for these type of drugs known as ‘anticholinergics’ which works by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical concerned in the diffusion of electrical impulses between nerve cells. People suffering with Alzheimer’s disease are identified as lacking in acetylcholine and it is a huge fright that these drugs might make the condition worse and trigger it oppositely.

Moreover other drugs (antidepressants) that have been proved with such serious side effects include doxepin and        ditropan. Most of these drugs are being commonly used by older people, with up to half of the UK’s aged population being recommended at least one anticholinergic medication. Earlier research has only raised concerns regarding the excessive use of anticholinergic drugs and the serious side effects of mental impairment regarding it but now the latest study was published in one of the medicine books confirm increased risk of dementia with increased dosage.


Just to add to your information, scientists hunt down health record of 3,434 men and women lying between the age bracket of 65 years and above for around seven years whilst keeping a check on their anticholinergic drug use. Shockingly, out of the total 637 patients developed Alzheimer’s disease where as the rest developed other forms of dementia. The conclusion basically demonstrated that people consuming at least 10 milligrams per day of doxepin, four milligrams per day of diphenhydramine i.e. (Nytol, Benadryl) or 5 milligrams per day of oxybutynin (Ditropan) for additional three years would have a bigger risk of giving birth to dementia. Anticholinergic drugs block a chemical transmitter called acetylcholine, leading to side effects such as drowsiness and poor memory.

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But certainly there is no need of panic since according to one of the professors, Professor Shelly Gray (director of the geriatric pharmacy program at the University Of Washington School Of Pharmacy); they have very appropriate substitutes for these antidepressants such as Prozac and newer anti-histamine allergy treatments including loratadine (Claritin).

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