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Measles Outbreak Arizona


State of Arizona has confirmed two more cases of measles on Tuesday. A public health official has cautioned that chances are a number of people has been exposed to this virus. The cases were reported on Tuesday, to a man in Pinal County and woman from Phoenix, as they both were physically close to a family of four individuals who were exposed to measles virus after Disneyland visit in California.


As per Will Humble, director of Arizona Department of Health Services, the measles outbreak has reached a dangerous level, and this outbreak may go far beyond how it started back in 2008. He also agreed to fact that the number of cases will grow exponentially.

In addition, Health officials also believe that the woman exposed to measles may have passed the virus on to 200 children in the Phoenix Children’s East Valley Center on Jan 20 and 21. However, officials were in continuous contact with parents who visited the medical facility within these two days. It is also confirmed that woman was never a staff in the hospital and the fact remains unknown regarding her presence inside the medical facility.


The issue has been further investigated beyond contact the people who were at the hospital on Jan 20 and 21. The fact that the people who were exposed to measles virus inside the hospital remain unknown, whether they had contact with other folks in a large gathering or even travelled anywhere in country. The usual symptoms of measles are visible after seven days of getting exposed to the virus.

In addition, in order to avoid the spread of measles outbreak, Arizona health officials has urged the parents that children who have never taken a dose of vaccine for measles, mumps should stay home for atleast 21 days. Keeping them quarantined is the best way for now to control the outbreak. For people who were born after 1957, and never had measles vaccination or vaccinated once for MMR, should avoid going to work or any public place. It has also been confirmed that if two doses of MMR vaccination is given at the right age, the individual would stay safe from measles outbreak.


Measles usually begin with fever, watery eyes, running nose and further puts patient in pain with red rashes all over the body. Usually these symptoms appear after 7 to 12 days of exposure to the virus, but it may also take them to 21 days to go away completely.

The measles outbreak in US appears to be initiated from Disneyland, California right at the time of Christmas. As of now, the outbreak has gone over to Washington, Utah, Oregon and Arizona.


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