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Soda habit resulting in early puberty in girls


“Excess of everything is bad” is a famous English proverb which rightly fits in the situation. As seen very commonly around these days that how soda in-take has taken over the diet of young girls. Let us enlighten you here that young girls who are consuming a higher amount of soda are on a risk of entering puberty earlier than the ones who are not. In simpler words, Girls who drink a lot of soda and other sugary drinks may get their first menstrual periods in advance. A recent study proved that girls who drank more than 1.5 servings of sugary drinks on a daily basis started their menstrual periods virtually three months earlier than those who consumed two or fewer sugary drinks per week. Intake of these sodas results that for each year they mature earlier.


The main reason behind it is that the drinks with added sugar are believed to incline up insulin concentration in the body, which in turn results in higher intensity of sex hormones, normally linked with periods starting earlier. One of the Postdoctoral associate at Harvard School of Public health stated that starting periods early can be a risk aspect for depression during adolescence and breast cancer during adulthood. Frequent intake of sweetened beverages leads to earlier menarche and if one year decreases in age of the menarche ; the higher the risk of breast cancer it is. Therefore 2.7 month decrease will surely make a difference .


According to reports ,the average age of the first period among girls using up the most sugary drinks was 12.8 years, whereas 13years for those who were least having it. Even though we have also heard that high caffeine intake is also responsible with earlier periods, but however the researchers negated the myth and lead to the results that it was the added sugar in drinks that was the main cause for early menses.


On the other hand, if we really ponder onto the fact that these sugar sweetened beverages have no nutritional value and still are being consumed so whole heartedly. It’s actually quite mind boggling that what sort of nutrients is one getting from these drinks that is leading to such metabolic problem. These problems are not to be over looked and the first step to get rid of it is to change our own habits and able to differenciate between healthy and unhealthy dietary patterns.

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