Laraby Settlement Trial Settles Little


A settlement hearing on Tuesday at the county courthouse resulted in no settlement for a man facing a second-degree murder charge in relation to the death of his long-term girlfriend.

On Tuesday, 54-year-old Chad Laraby appeared in court. However, following private deliberations, Judge DuWayne Knutsen was already informed that a settlement failed to be reached and the offender might request an omnibus hearing.

The police officers responded to a call on March 16, claiming a domestic disturbance at Linda Kay Boehme’s residence. Based on the police reports, Boehme was discovered lying on the floor, unresponsive, although she was breathing. There was an indication in the police report of apparent facial and head injuries. Boehme passed away later the same day, after she was airlifted to the county Medical Centre.

The police authorities allegedly entered into the residence of Boehme, after responding to the domestic disturbance call. The phone call was performed by Laraby, according to the police officials.

As the authorities entered the residence, they found the living area in disarray. A chair was tripped over, while noticing a broken glass on the living room floor. Additionally, the officers found liquor bottles scattered on the floor. The officers allegedly said the liquor bottles were evidences of Laraby’s recent drinking behaviour.

The police officers sent out an ambulance to the scene. While the officers were en route to Boehme’s residence, Laraby reported to the police that he hit the woman. According to the report, Laraby said he awoke, finding that Boehme was attempting to steal his wallet. That prompted the argument, he said.

The police reports indicate Laraby’s admittance of the argument between him and Boehme. It went to him hitting her several times. He hit Boehme in the face, up until the woman suggested a certain place that Laraby could locate the missing billfold. In his statement, he said that he stopped hitting the woman after suggesting to him the location of his wallet. However, it was too late and not before the hitting would cause the woman’s life.

Based on the autopsy report, there was an indication that the cause of death was the result of injuries she sustained through blunt force trauma to the head. It resulted in a severe brain damage.

Laraby’s attorney was Benjamin Pieh, while Robert Plesha with Stacy Vinberg, assistant county attorney, and the state attorney general’s office represented the prosecution.

Considering the trial’s outcome, the family and relatives of Boehme were satisfied. They said their grief and loss of a loved one will never be replaced as Boehme’s life was taken away wrongfully and in an instant manner. They have high hopes that in spite the no settlement, verdict, others would learn from the case.

The family members also expressed their gratitude to those who assisted them in the legal perspective, throughout their battle. On the other hand, Laraby might request for an omnibus hearing, although there was still no discussion with his lawyer, and no definite decision about their next step has been disclosed.

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