Long Island parents worried about lack of school places


After a large amount of kindergarten students were put on the waitlist for this year, parents in Long Island have voiced their growing concerns about the public school system.

According to many parents in the neighborhood, there are not nearly enough school places for local children. The growing population of the neighborhood means that each year, less children are able to get into a nearby school.

A total of 50 children were put on the waitlist this year at P.S. 78, and as the only elementary school in the area, is very competitive.

However, there were less than 10 students put on the waitlist for last year, which only increased the worries of parents this year.

Another kindergarten class has been added to the school, but this doesn’t seem to have solved the problem.

One local mother stated that a few years ago, this problem didn’t exist. Now, she says, too many parents are struggling to even get daycare for their children.

The rising difficulty of getting school places for children has been the reason for many families leaving the area in the past.

The Department of Education has stated that all the children who applied for school places were successful, even if they didn’t get a place in the school which was top of their list.

Development in the area has caused residents to anticipate even more families joining the neighborhood, which could make it even more difficult for children to get a place in their chosen school.

A new block of apartments will open this spring, and will bring more than 900 new homes to the area.

Local people have said that they don’t understand why new homes are being built when there is not enough education to be provided for the families which already reside in the neighborhood.