Microsoft Outlook comes to iOS, Android: MS email now a bit less painful on mobile


In the middle of the night we received excellent news which would thrill the smart phone users. Yes! Microsoft has released new Outlook apps for iOS and Android. The Microsoft Outlook app is out for preview and releasing on time as well. For the iPhone users, it is a full production release, but on Android it is just a preview yet using programmers made by Acompli Inc. The reason for that is Android’s broad hardware ecosystem. Once Microsoft gathers a bit more data about how the apps run on more real-world devices, it will make initiate a fresh version of the app and broadcast its all-purpose accessibility on Android, too.  One would be able to connect to accounts including Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud, Google and Yahoo, and – on Android only – any IMAP account.


Microsoft added to one of the blog posts on Thursday mentioning that they would be quickly bringing new features to Outlook, shipping new versions of the app every few weeks. We’ll add user-focused features and also increase its potential that matters to IT users, such as mobile device management. Number of tasks would be possible through the new Microsoft Outlook app, like e-mailing and enabling direct, in-message access to calendars for making appointments. Just like Acompli before it, Outlook will support Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, as well as most other email providers. The Outlook app will also allow you to send attachments through its cloud services, including Microsoft’s own OneDrive, as well as Dropbox and others. Modified swipe gestures and folders will also be a part of it . In addition, Microsoft is also releasing free touch-based versions of its Office apps for Android, but that will be launched two months after its preview.

You will be thrilled to know the number of downloads that have been carried out by now from both user interfaces. The Office apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone received 80 million download while on the other hand the Android Office apps preview had more than 250,000 downloads.


As a matter of fact , email is very challenging skill to meet the expectations of the clientele. Since email these days has become very customary and on-going activity, people mostly tend to be very fastidious about it. Therefore foremost duty of Microsoft is to meet these challenges through their new app. Microsoft has paid about $200 million for Acompli to increase contributions for the two operating systems i.e. iOS and Android.


We are pretty sure that the new releases will be a source of good news for Exchange and Office rpg games online

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