More than $6K raised in Granite Springs charity event

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Keller Williams Realty Partners, from Mahopac, has been praised for their recent fundraising efforts. The company was able to raise more than $6K through holding a charity event in the hamlet of Granite Springs.

The Keller Williams Now Serving charity event was a great success, with agents from the company working as bar and waiting staff at a restaurant in the local area.

All of the tips which were collected through this event were donated to Drug Crisis in Our Backyard and the Keller Williams Care charity, two local organizations.

Drug Crisis in Our Backyard is a group which was set up in the area to combat the drug issues. As well as helping to raise awareness about the problems, the community came together to help those who are addicted to drugs.

The Christiansen and Salomone families decided to set up this charity after each of them experienced the tragedy of loving a relative through drug addiction.

The Keller Williams Cares charity helps people who are experiencing financial troubles as a result of emergencies. The charity is also constantly on the look-out for communities which might need help after natural disasters and catastrophes.

Lou Cardillo, who hosted the event, reported that he was very excited about the fundraiser. It has been the fourth year that the event has been hosted. Cardillo said that the people who took part wanted to give something back to the community to which they belong, and saw no better way to do so.

The event does not seek to benefit the same charities every single year, but Cardillo remarked that he was pleased to help target the drug problems in the area this year.

Steve Salomone, who is a co-founder of Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, said that losing his son Justin to a heroin addiction was his reason for starting the charity.

He stated that the charity wanted to get rid of the stigma which is attached to drug addiction, and help people rather than shame them into coming off drugs.