NASA Designing a Copter Drone for Mars


You all must be very familiar with the word drone but don’t freak out since this news has nothing to tell about the drone attacks. In fact the scientists are taking the drone technology to a next level. To your knowledge NASA may send a helicopter drone to Mars in 2020 where it will be accompanied by a six-wheeled land vehicle that is specially being designed for the next rover mission in the space. Manufacturing is being taken place at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Basically NASA is taking keen interest in sending a team of scout’s companion helicopters to discover Mars from a different angle. Main purpose would be to make safer movements for rovers to travel and also at the same time providing scientists with a bird’s eye view of seeing what actually is around.


The main challenging in building up this special drone to discover Mars was the design which has to fly in almost extremely thin and non atmospheric pressure of the planet. And yes, which certainly means a different design than the usual. As for its weight and size, it will be 2.2 pounds with a blade diameter of 3.6 feet. The body of the Mars drone must be moderately lighter as judged against to a hulking blade system to attain lift in an atmosphere that is only a percent as thick as Earth’s. Moreover the harsh conditions on Mars need something that can frequently take off and land.


Getting around Mars is certainly a tricky business due to haphazard wind pressures. Among the list of targets for the drone we have

  • Flying ahead of the rover every day, checking out numerous possible points of interest therefore helping engineers on ground finding the best possible flying route.
  • With the help of the images captured, scientists can also look for further characteristics precisely.
  • Another important job would be collecting key samples and rocks for supply which the next-gen rover could do later on.

NASA’s drone idea is still quite early when we talk in terms of its design but the company is very committed in sending more rovers to the planet in future. Therefore expectations are to view some stunning planet pictures and video clips in the near future.


NASA is planning to send their next rover to Mars in 2020. Most likely a mini drone could also show its face along. On the other hand, engineers are carrying on their testing on the prototype at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.syrian escort in dubai

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