New Space Telescope from NASA Provide 1000 times better and sharp images as compared to Hubble Space Telescope.


A new telescope by NASA, named Aragoscope is expected to provide 1000 times better and sharp images as compared to Hubble Space Telescope. This would be a concept telescope, as it has been developed by the researchers of University of Colorado, and the presentation will be given to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


The upcoming proposed telescope would be launched as orbiting space telescope along with an opaque disk in front of it, which would be as far as half mile away. Deflected light waves from the object or a star would bend around the edges of the disk and then focus on a central point. This light would then be further passed on to orbiting telescope, which would further process it into a high resolution image.

Aragoscope is named after a French scientist Francois Arago, who was able to find out diffracted lights rays around the disk. According to the reports, the higher resolution telescope proposal was one of the many proposals submitted for NASA Innovation Advanced Concept program. The funding for this project would start in June, if selected.


According to the researchers, the new telescope would help space scientists to target images of black holes and plasma swaps between stars. Though, its one of the twelve projects, chances are bright that it may get selected for further development. In addition, six additional proposals will be finalized and selected in Phase 1 for funding in Phase 2.

In addition, the selected programs are awarded with $100,000 for nine month duration. As the phase two funding will be processed in April, each selected concept will receive $500,000 of funding for two years.

In a news release, the newly proposed telescope researcher Anthony Harness mentioned that the cost of the launch is strongly linked with the weight of the telescope. Though a space telescope is just massive pieces of glass however, it would be expensive to launch if its going to be heavy. A solution has been figured out for this issue. With the usage of light weight optics into space that offer a higher resolution and lower cost.


It has been reported that Aragoscope imaging processing capabilities would be far much advanced than Hubble Telescope, as it can capture a wider space.

Hubble space telescope is currently one of the primary sources of images for NASA. It transmits about 120 GB of data every week. The exponential growth in data collection is usually saved in specific disks called magneto optical disks. Hubble Telescope’s primary source of energy is Sun. It was launched in April 24, 1990. It was named after American astronomer Edwin P.

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