NYPD horse left with injuries after being attacked by pit bull


An NYPD horse is currently being treated after sustaining wounds following a vicious attack from a pit bull.

The attack took place in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon, and the horse was left with abrasions and bite wounds from the dog.

Pompey II, the NYPD horse, was on Essex Street with a mounted officer at the time of the attack.

Luis Ramos, the police officer, was riding the horse in Brownsville at around 1pm when the pit bull charged into the horse and proceeded to bite his left leg and chest.

Laurene Bove, another mounted police officer, was riding Limerick and was able to give assistance to Ramos and Pompey II during the attack, although Ramos reported being able to remain in control of his horse during the incident.

Both Bove and Limerick successfully managed to coax the dog into a yard and more police officers were alerted. The police were able to track down the owner of the pit bull, who came along and secured the animal.

Pompey II has returned to his home on Brighton Third Street, and will be seen to by a veterinarian who will hopefully be able to treat the wounds and nurse him back to health.

The horse is expected to recover after just a few days of treatment and good rest, and the NYPD have stated that he will be treated to some extra apples and carrots after the ordeal with the pit bull. The staff at the Troop E stable will be sure to take excellent care of Pompey II.

The dog is currently in the care of the Center for Animal Care and Control, which is located on Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn.

It will stay there while the police investigate the matter. It is not yet known if or when the dog will be released to its owner.