Obama wants Extra funding to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria


Antibiotic resistant bacteria are the cause of more than two million sicknesses and around 23,000 deaths per year in United States. Obama Administration wants to make sure to double the funding to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

As the name reveals, antibiotic resistant bacteria limits the capability to effectively operate and reliably process the bacterial infection. Instead, it further complicates any post-surgical condition for patients. The rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria may act as a hurdle in the physician’s technique to perform various kinds of medical procedures.


According to a white house official, there are confirmed reports that President Obama will demand congress to dedicate $1.2 billion annually, hopefully next week. The hefty funding will be utilized to perform various researches on antibiotic resistant bacteria, along with the techniques and medicines to abolish them completely, as well to prevent these bacteria from spreading out in residential areas.


President Obama and his administration came up with a five year plan to control antibiotic resistant bacteria, and also forced federal agencies to speed up their efforts. The mounting threat of these infections are emerging again which were completely abolished many decades ago. Physicians and Public health officials also warned public that if these antibiotic resistant microbes would keep increasing at such rate, the usual routine infections would also become life threatening in near future. Common form of surgeries such as knee replacement or organ transplant may become life threatening. Hospitals which are more exposed to the bacteria along with specific nursing homes are also at higher risk of getting infections.


It is also planned that a large part of the funding that Obama administration will be seeking from congress will go to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for the growth of their research on the development of antibacterial drugs. The recent discovery of teixobactin is major milestone achieved in the field of medicine. Its an antibiotic acquired from a living organism found in soil. As the large sum of funding has been allocated specifically for this cause, teixobactin can kill a number of bacteria without them getting resistant to it. Though this antibacterial medicine has not been tested on humans yet, however, it does give a positive hope to many scientists.

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