Pay rise for city employees provokes mixed reactions


At the beginning of April, North Hempstead stated that there were plans to raise the wages of many employees around the city. While this came as good news to many, not everybody was happy with the plan.

The board voted, and the results were votes of 6 to 1. This was in favor of the introduction of an extra $145,000 in wages around the area.

Among the employees who saw their wages go up were secretaries and senior staff. A total of 62 employees saw their annual salaries increase by 3%.

However, Dina De Giorgio, a member of the board, believes that there are better things that the money could have been spent on.

She said that improvements to infrastructure would have been more worthy of the money, and the building department is in great need of funds in order to speed up the process by which it handles applications. It has seen a huge amount of complaints from various people, complaining about the speed at which documents are processed.

Judi Bosworth, the town supervisor for North Hempstead, says that the pay rises for employees across the city had already been budgeted for, so the money went exactly where it belonged.

According to Bosworth, a budget was presented and decided on in November of last year. The board unanimously agreed that the budget was suitable and that the $145,000 set aside for pay raises was necessary.

It is not known whether or not there has been money set aside within the budget for the infrastructure improvements and changes to the building department which De Giorgio mentioned.

All the other board members voted in favor of the 3% pay rise to select employees in North Hempstead, and none of them have commented on what Dina De Giorgio said or on the other problems which she mentioned were in need of funds in the area.