Police search for suspect after hate crime in midtown Manhattan


Hate crimes are not uncommon in Manhattan, and after the latest incident, police are searching for suspect they believe to have committed the most recent crime.

The man is suspected of attacking two victims in midtown Manhattan, and the police have said that they believe it to be a possible hate crime. The police are still searching for the man suspected of carrying out the attack, and the case is under investigation.

The victims were walking along on April 12th when they were attacked. The 27-year old and 32-year old were near Broadway and West 48th Street when they were approached by the suspect.

The police say that after shouting aggressive statements with regards to the sexual orientation of the victims, the suspect proceeded to attack.

After the attack, the victims refused to accept any medical help and attention at the scene. The suspect fled the scene and is currently sought by the authorities.

In a bid to get further information about the suspect who carried out the attack on April 12th, the police have released a photo of the man they suspect to have attacked the victims.

This incident is not the first hate crime attack to have happened in recent times in midtown Manhattan. In October of last year, a 21-year old was attacked by a 25-year old who punched him in the back of his head. The unprovoked attack was carried out after the offender made a series of anti-gay statements.

Anybody with any information about the most recent attack should contact Crime Stoppers. Information can also be passed onto the police by visiting the Crime Stoppers website. Those wishing to contact the police by phone with any information about the attack or the suspect can do so by calling 800-577-TIPS.