School in Hempstead will help immigrant children get an education


The school board in Hempstead voted in favor of complying with new requirements which will enable immigrant children to get an education.

District Clerk Patricia Wright believes this is an important issue, and rather than bringing down the reputation of the neighborhood, it will be beneficial to everybody in the area.

She went on to say that this move was in the best interests of everybody in the town, not just the children who will now be able to benefit from a good education.

The board, which consisted of five members, did not give away any information regarding what has been discussed in the meeting. They met on Monday night, and were seen coming out of the building just before 12:30am on Tuesday morning.

Legal experts had advised the members not to make any statements on this time, but in the future, information about the new regulations may be disclosed in detail.

The agreement to which the board had come will be revealed to the public in future days, so that local people with an interest may read through it.

The New York State Education Department had previously contacted the school in relation to the new rules. They had ordered the Hempstead school to remove anything which was getting in the way of immigrant children attending the school. Since many immigrant children were not able to enroll on the school programs, the board called a meeting in order to discuss the changes.

Meetings in the past which were attended by local residents had failed to disclose much information. This had left residents feeling frustrated, especially since the matters revolved around education. Last year, the district had prevented over 30 children from enrolling.

Local people as well as certain authorities believe that it is just as important that immigrant children are educated. The education system should not be used exclusively for non-immigrant children in the area.