School Teacher’s Aide Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Student

Claremont School Teacher’s Aide Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Student

A high school teacher’s aide has been accused, and may be charged for having a sexual relation with a 16-year-old student in the same institution.

The accused Brandy Wilborn, 38 years old was arrested on Friday at one of the high schools in the Pomona Valley, following accusations of sexual relationship with a minor student. She was confronted by investigators with new evidence, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek of the police department.

Through a phone interview, Ciszek said they will take the lawsuit to the District Attorney’s Office for further review on Tuesday. Brett O’Connor, the school principal sent a letter to the students’ parents on Monday regarding the arrest.

On his letter, the principal stated the school takes any allegations seriously, especially misconducts by adults involving their students. Hence, they were saddened after learning the report that on May 8, Friday, the police department will be removing a teacher’s aide from their institution, and placing her under arrest for allegations of sexual misconduct with one of their teenage students.

Primarily the investigators were informed a few months back of the sexual relationship between the junior high student and Wilborn. However, Ciszek said the police officers lacked adequate evidence in making an arrest during that time. On Friday night, Wilborn posted a bond.

Ciszek stated that they received additional information last week as backup to the allegation, leading the investigators to the involved student. After interviewing witnesses and the involved student, Wilborn was arrested at the institution. The investigators also believe that the two parties have been in a sexual relationship for about a few months already.

The principal added that district administrators have been cooperating closely with the police department, especially during the 4-week investigation, which culminated in the arrest. In his letter, O’Connor also said that the alleged incidents happened outside the campus, and not throughout regular school days.

The district could not discuss further confidential information about students or personnel records due to privacy laws and in compliance with the state due process. However, out of respect to the current investigation, the school will provide confidential details, if needed be.

According to sources, Wilborn is now under unpaid administrative leave awaiting the case results. The principal confirmed she won’t be returning to the school anytime. Moreover, the school made the administrators and counselors available to the staff and students who have further concerns, even concerns not related to the recent case.

The principal’s letter also indicated that the incident is an isolated case, and should not detract or disappoint the school’s well-deserved reputation as a successful, caring, and safe institution. Furthermore, O’Connor encourages anyone who has further information regarding the unfortunate incident for faster investigation and outcome. The school administrators and counselors will always be available to accommodate various concerns.

The previous year, a cafeteria worker at the same institution was also arrested. Vanessa Tinoco pleaded no contest later on, following allegations of sexual relationship with another student. Since then, Tinoco resigned from the institution.

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