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Cancer Cases Set to Rise with 2/3rd Cases from Present Generation!


A new report brought out by Cancer Research UK reveals that while two-thirds of the present generation is expected to develop cancer of some kind, about 50% of people born after 1960 will suffer from the disease during their natural life. Experts have also said that the current forecast, which replaces previous statistics of one out of three – is the most precise and accurate thus far.The new report has been published in the noted British Journal of Cancer.

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Study talks about the causes and the rise in cancer risks

The forecasts say that while men born after 1960 appear to have a 53.5% chance of developing cancer, women report a risk of 47.5%. The latest estimates are a departure from the previous figures of 38.5% risk for men and about 36.7% for women,born thirty years before the cut-off mark.The research team attributesthe reason for the increase in cases to improved life expectancy and theprevalence of disease among old people. At the same time, researchers also warn that lifestyle factors like smoking, obesity, and alcoholism, amongst other factors, fuel 1/3rd of the cases.

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The “disease of old age” is expected to strike 2/3rd of present generation

Describing the disease as being more prevalent among older people, Professor Peter Sasieni, the lead author of the study, stressed that many cancer cases were avoidable if lifestyle factors were tackled as well as remarked: “Cancer is primarily a disease of old age, with more than 60 per cent of all cases diagnosed in people aged over 65. If people live long enough then most will get cancer at some point.”Moreover, according to the research team, unless there are changes in the lifestyle habits of people, a large number of present day children can expect to develop the disease during their natural lives.




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