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Many Elderly Folks Prefer Early Death and Shorter Life Span to Consumption of Heart Pills!


A new study published in the Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes journal suggests that one out of three people prefer a shorter existence over taking daily heart pills meant to prevent heart problems. The study finds that a great many people are ready to sacrifice anywhere between about seven days and two years of their life to avoid taking heart medicines including statin, aspirin and antihypertensive meds. The research team arrived at the conclusion from data gathered from 1,000 adults more than thirty years of age.

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Study was undertaken to determine effect of heart pill intake on quality of life

According to the authors of the study, this research study is one of the biggest in the history of medical studies in its bid to compute the consequence of daily pill intake on an individual’s quality and way of life. Talking about the experiment, Dr. Robert Hutchins, the chief author of the study said, “What we were really trying to measure is how much the act of taking a pill — obtaining it, remembering to take it and actually taking it — interferes with one’s quality of life,” The team’s study pool comprised predominantly of white females and males with the mean age being 50.

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Researchers find many participants preferred early death to taking meds regularly

During the course of the study, each participant was asked a series of questions including how much time he or she would give up so as to not take medicines to avert cardiovascular problems, what risk they would take to avoid taking essential heart medicines and how much they could pay to avoid taking heart pills. The team discovered that over 8% of people surveyed said they were ready to give up two years of their lives and about 21% opined that they were willing to trade between seven days and twelve months of their lives to give taking pills daily.


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