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Many scientists consider the large number of volcanoes present beneath sea surfaces as gentle structural formations that ooze magma at slow and steady rates along the oceanic ridges. But a recent study reveals that they break out on markedly...
Past evidence of CO2 levels, brought out by a research team has been looked upon as supporting the IPCC claims of global warming and climate change. The latest finding by the University of Southampton reveal that the CO2 levels...
A latest study brought out by the University of Arizona reveals that the country of Iceland is rising upwards. Explaining the phenomenon, the team claims that since the country’s glaciers are no longer exerting pressure on the earth floor,...
It would not be wrong to say that Iceland’s ice is melting real fast. So fast, that earth crust has started to reveal up to 1.4 inches a year. All this has happened after a swift glacier meltdown. According to...


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Record Number of Sea Lions Being Rescued Along California’s Coastline!

According to rescuers, this is the third year in a row that they are saving large number of sea lions stranded along the California...