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Blogs may not be easy in China anymore! Real names required!


China has made strict changes in it’s internet usage policies among consumers, which includes registration of name along with network operator. According to a report, blog users should avoid mentioning Communist political system in a negative way.

China has the biggest population in the world, with more than 650 million internet surfers, however, the strict internet rules has torn down the hype of social media all over China. The announcement of tightening control over internet usage was revealed after the steps taken to kick out VPN which are utilized to avoid China’s complicated internet filter system.


It has been applied in Beijing since year 2012 to register internet bloggers with real names, however, it did not work out so well. The recent announcement is applicable on blogs, such as Sina Weibo and comment part as well. Since most of the media is controlled by Chinese government, Chinese public use these blogs to express their thoughts about current affairs.

In addition, the rule will be applied on internet service providers as well, who will also get an agreement signed by the consumer while signing them up for internet service to avoid illegal and corrupt activities. The announcement also ensured that the user’s account would be deactivated and that they will be tracked down in case any violation of signed agreement occurs.


The only positive sign about the internet usage is that government encourages internet surfers to utilize internet services for businesses and education purposes; however, it has also taken aggressive steps to filter all indecent content from internet. Many Chinese cities revise their internet rules on regular basis as the social media growth is at its peak.

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, the recent steps taken have been a necessary requirement. Bloggers with inappropriate names usually encourage a fraud culture and illegal activities.

In addition, internet service provider would be required to dedicate an employee for keeping a track of user’s description and ensure they fulfill the rules informed to them. One of a major internet service provider in China, Sina Corp was bitterly penalized for displaying unhealthy and obscene content online and was fined for more than $800,000, along with revoke of two of its licenses as well. However, in a recent statement, Sina Weibo microblog account mentioned that such steps are necessary in order to spread positive energy online.


The overall internet rules are extremely strict, as China works on a complicated yet a very broad internet monitoring and filter system. It has already blocked access to popular websites such as Google as well as social media giant, Facebook. Many internet service providers who used to implement VPN on their network in order to bypass the restrictions, have mentioned that they have also suffered due to strict government control over internet

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