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Crown goes to Apple for top luxury brand in China!


After a successful launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Chinese market which involves collaboration with cell phone carrier China Mobile, Apple has become one of the top most desirable luxury brand in China today.

In a recent public survey, Apple has beat international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel as it’s devices has become the most favorite gift item among the nation’s richest community. The report has been published by luxury publishing group. As per the publishing group, luxury gift items has also influenced the spending habits of a rich individuals, as the trend of buying more productive items such as iPhone and smart watches is increasing every day.


In order to strategize successful penetration in Chinese market along with presence of already launched cheaper and reliable Android handsets, Apple developed a TV ad specifically addressed to Chinese public, which was also directed by award winning film maker Ann Hui along with cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Analysts have forecasted that Apple would continue at such pace as it has a huge market to cover. Apple has also planned to open additional three stores in Central, East and Southwest China. The tech giant has also planned to open additional store in Tianjin in the northern China.

According to the report, an interesting point which worth mentioning is the rival Samsung, that has also able to make a spot in top ten luxury gift brands.


Apple is currently running 15 stores for retail business all over China as most of them can be found in Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, since iPhone 6 has been a remarkable success, Chinese consumers are also looking forward to Apple’s smart watch as its launch is just around the corner. Apple watch is all set to launch in May 2015.

It may appear shocking to many readers but the busiest Apple store in the world is here in Shanghai, which attracts more than 25,000 customers on daily. Since the company is rapidly expanding all over the world, China appears to be a gold spoon. With successful Q4 sale 2014 all over the world with iPhone 6 launch, Apple is at the edge of crossing $700 billion revenue, which has never been accomplished by any other company. May appear a bit funny, but the only company that may be compared with apple in terms of revenue is Exxon Mobil, with market capitalization of $380 billion.


As per the survey, the top 5 brands to be gifted by men in China are following:

Apple -20.3

LV -13.4

Dior – 5.1

Hermes – 4.1

Cartier – 3.7vzlomshark.com


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