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Google Play Is Plagued By Malware, Adware Problems: Avast Reveals!


Compared to other operating systems, Google’s operating system, Android, suffers most from spam, adware and malware problems. These recent findings were confirmed by popular software company Avast. The company has reported that most of the innocuous apps on Google Play are infested with malicious adware and malware.

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Genuine apps contain harmful malware and adware as well!

These malware and adware infected apps masquerade as well-knownapp names and attack Android users once they are downloaded onto their devices. At the same time, the company also reports that many genuine looking and original applications in addition to games also contain adware and cites Durak as an instance in its report.A popular game on the Google Play Store, reporting a download figurebetween five and ten million, Durak appears to be normal and genuine. But according to the company, after a few days problems begin appearing on devices where the app was installed.

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Ads offer chargeable services and direct users to malicious sites

Besides Durak, the report also names two other apps and says, “This was the same for the other apps, which included an IQ test and a history app. This impression remains until you reboot your device and wait for a couple of days.” A user’s device then gets bombarded with ads as a result of installing these infected apps. By clicking on these malicious ads, a user then gets directed to fictitious sites or is charged forservices like cleaning and updating the device’s software. Additionally, many of these ads also direct users to the Google Play Store in addition to established security apps. By connecting with established names and businesses, adware creators try to add a sense of fake legitimacy to their offerings, says the Avast report.


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