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Is this the end of tablet? Tablet sales down in Q4, 2014


A recent survey has recently revealed that Tablet’s sale has drastically gone down last year, as compared to the boom which came in 2013. It has also been reported that worldwide sales have been dropped around 12%, which means only 67 million units were sold in Q4 of year 2014.

One of the major reasons noticed so far is the Phablets (Tablets with capability to make phone calls) are taking over tablets. People do not really need tablets anymore with larger screens available along with ‘Call’ capability. Steve Jobs once forecasted that Phablets would never be able to make it.


While Apple enjoyed exponential growth in the iPhone6 sale in Q4 of 2014 after its September launch, the company also had to face a massive drop in IPad sale in Q4. According to many reports, it’s the fourth consecutive quarter with continuous drop in iPad sales. Apple did receive a sale boost after launching iPad Air in the Q4 for few months; however, it didn’t last for too long, due to the availability of phablets in the market. In addition, Apple’s iPad shipment dropped by 18% and its competitor Samsung’s shipment dropped by 24%.

Samsung with 24% drop in tablet sale ended up shipping 11 million units with 16.4% share. Though a continuous decline in tablet sales can be noticed, the competition among rivals is expected to remain intense. As tablet vendors further refine the upcoming new tablets, many consumers expect a larger 8’ screen with better graphics, speed and other specifications.



It has been reported by internal sources that Apple was able to acquire 30% of market with a successful iPhone 6 launch, however, Samsung has been going through a tough phase due to the launch of other cheaper Android tablets and phablets in the market, as well as, its shipments were affected by internal inventory problems.

As the tech giants have faced a slow 2014 for tablet sales, other tablet manufacturers took a complete advantage of seasonal sales. Amazon have performed best with 4 million units shipped carrying 6% of the tablet market, second spot goes to Lenovo with 3.7 million units as the company considers Q4 of 2014 its best performing quarter. Lenovo now has more than 5.5% of tablet market.

Considering an overall situation of tablet sales, 2013 was definitely a good year for tablets, however, year 2014 did not make a significant sale in tablet sales. Only 229.6 million units were sold worldwide with only 4% increase. Back in year 2013, the sales jumped a massive 50%.


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