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USPTO Grants Apple Patent for Automobile Control System using iPhones


On Tuesday, Apple was granted about forty-five patents, including patents for its iPhone automobile control system, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO. Although Apple is known for registering innumerable patents, not many are used, but the patent on its car control system is significant because it could pave the way for connected cars in the future using Apple technology and products. Over the coming five years, about twenty-four million cars on the road are expected to adopt the CarPlay OS, and the grant of such patents is being hailed as a technological revolution by the automobile world.

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CarPlay OS to control a car’s every function!

According to Patently Apple, the car control patent works by connecting the car system to the iPhone through Bluetooth.  Through programmed car instructions, car functions like locking and unlocking of the car’s doors orgetting the engine started or shutting it down in addition to customization of car settings can be achieved through its use. Other functions that Patently Apple has reported are activation of the car’s entertainment system, the GPS system, seat adjustments and light adjustments. As the automobile world continues to embrace the power of mobile technology, Apple’s technology is expected to gather greater momentum if carmakers install equipment and sensors needed to put the new technology into practice.

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Apple to address several teething problems before rolling out the car control system

Apple also plans to include its TouchID patent in its car control setup. At present, it is working on removing the security problem that has beset its TouchID software.  Other teething issues that Apple is expected to address are low battery power and the lack of a spare key. Apple needs to fix these problems if it wants its new offering to be used on a large-scale commercial basis.


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