War-time lovers celebrate 70th anniversary


Art and Betty Havens, from Wellsville, have recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. Their relationship has been going strong for decades, and they have managed to endure several wars, including World War II.

Not everything was disastrous in 1944, the year before the Second World War came to an end. For Art and Betty, their love blossomed into something which was going to last a very long time.

Art Havens worked on the home front during the war, while Betty worked at a silk mill. Both of them were in positions which required hard work in order to keep the country’s economy going strong through tough times.

Betty spoke about how there were not many men during these times. With so many of them all away at war, the women, including her sister Jean, struggled to find a dancing partner at the weekend.

Betty told her sister that she wouldn’t go with her unless she had a partner with curly red hair to join her.

Jean soon found Betty a partner for the occasion, but he didn’t have red hair. She recalls, however, that her future husband, Art, did have a lot of hair.

It didn’t take long for Art and Betty to fall in love, and by April 1945, they were getting married in a small Methodist church.

Despite their romantic relationship through the years, neither of the couple can remember how they got engaged.

Unable to afford a proper honeymoon, Art and Betty Havens celebrated their marriage by going out dancing afterwards in Allentown.

The couple both agree that the reason they have managed to stick together through the years is a result of their love for each other.

Betty said that there have been times when they haven’t agreed, but a healthy and happy marriage is all about ‘give and take’.