We Care’s New Exec Director to Expand Services, Outreach


Last week, Eric Scott Fisher learned that he would become the next We Care executive director as he hopes to maximize his background in multimedia in raising the profile of We Care both within the local community and the online perspective.

Chuck Richardson, the board president of We Care said Fisher has a heart of servicing people, caring about the mission of the organization. Fisher’s desire of volunteering has developed through the years, and who was inspired recently when he produced a video for the organization’s open house at its new and larger space at 530 Bedford Road.

Fisher admitted that he was touched as he interviewed people, hearing their stories and the steps they take so as to improve their individual situations.

Richardson said that the clothing closet was a big addition for We Care, although the building needs more offerings and programs, considering the available space. He added that Fisher has the creativity, plus the concern in determining what is the best thing to do.

Since 2008, Fisher has volunteered, partaking in activities like creating videos, taking photos, stocking shelves, and so on for the organization’s progress and events. Fisher said he has always believed in We Care’s mission, especially the economy’s status through the recent years.

The soon-to-be executive director has great ideas about expanding the organizations’ reach through multimedia, hoping to highlight volunteers and clients, so long as they are willing to showcase the offerings in both capacities.

Fisher said it is significant to show that We Care gives a hand-up, instead of a handout. The new clothing closet offers wide ranges of quality items, even those who need one for a job interview can rely on We Care for that need.

Fisher is hoping to create more initiatives, aside from the clothes closet and the financial skills academy, wherein local banks have been participating in. On Monday, Fisher starts and plans on making phone calls and knocking on doors during his first week, getting the community’s thoughts on the organization.

He is an organized man, he said, a trait that he was able to develop through his several years of working as a home builder project manager. With the Eric Scott Fisher Illustrations, he developed and donated the organization’s website, including the We Care logo.

Along with his wife Sarah, Fisher has lived in the city for the last 15 years. Their daughter Molly will become a freshman in the fall, enrolling at the community high school, situated just down the street from where We Care is located. Molly will also play in the marching band. Fisher feels grateful that he’s just close to his daughter, planning on watching the football games and other activities to support Molly.

Fisher’s appointment as executive director was prompted when Denise Gaska, the previous executive director accepted a different job with the state Valley Industries, a nonprofit company that serves adults with development disabilities. Friday was Gaska’s last day at We Care.

According to Richardson, We Care, in its entirety will work during the summer season in providing meals for kids who usually have free or reduced lunch at their school. Other activities like the We Care at the Farm will begin soon, he said.

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